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As one of the leading experts on volunteering, with my team, I've gathered hundreds of ideas to help you and your organization to gain, sustain and retain more volunteers and members than ever before!

Having written best-selling books, produced major research reports for governments and presented at countless conferences and workshops - I've continually asked thousands of you involved with volunteers and members what would help you most.

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Practical ideas on recruiting, retaining and recognizing volunteers


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To get you started. I've got a great downloadable book for you with over 100 quick ideas. Now this book could easily sell for $19.95 but I wanted to share these ideas with you right away and get your own creative ideas flowing, so it is yours for FREE right now!


Here's just some of what's in the book...

  • 11 ideas on the 'customer' thinking in volunteer recruitment success
  • 10 tips on how to sell to potential volunteer recruits
  • 8 ways to make your flyers and brochures stand out from the crowd
  • 8 ideas on the power of targeting in recruiting volunteers
  • 10 ideas on your web presence to really attract and recruit more volunteers
  • 20 ideas on rewarding volunteers and volunteer recognition


The E-Book is wonderful, as soon as I received it I started reading it! Not good enough for five gold stars but SIX GOLD STARS! THANK YOU!

Janaye R. Anderson
Volunteer Desoto, Volunteer Director

Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi


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Now my philosophy is very simple! I give you great ideas on recruiting and retaining volunteers. You then recruit and retain even more volunteers. The more people that volunteer - the better this world becomes!

As Vic Conant says "the distance between you and your dreams is often the length of a single idea" and

I've so many great ideas for you to come on volunteer management, volunteer recognition and volunteer recruitment.



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