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Hi Everyone,

This is a very quick email this week. I have a question for you.
Volunteer Recruitment Reason

Take a moment and add your answer to this question. Just scroll down, CLICK ON COMMENTS and add your thoughts.

I would really like to read your answer and next week I’ll share more information with you about this question.

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47 Responses to “Here is a Question for You?”

  1. Hi Everyone,

    So what is your answer to the question…


    I look forward to reading your replies.


  2. Leana Asplin says:

    I Volunteer at the homeless shelter in the soup kitchen serving meals to the homeless. I volunteer to give back to my community – I have been lucky enough to be able to provide for my family and have a strong desire to help those that have not been as fortunate. I also volunteer to be an example to my children so that they understand how blessed they are.

  3. Carla Lyon says:

    To make a positive difference in people’s lives.

  4. Hello

    I believe people volunteer because they want to:

    Provide a service to others

    Give something back to the community

    Like what they have read on your website

    Want to meet new people

    Do something good with their time

    Experience so when they go to work from Uni

    They have something solid to provide to potential employers

  5. Ivy Ruark says:

    Many of our volunteers say that they are “giving back” in gratitude for the care that their loved ones received at our assisted living/nursing home facility.

  6. Lucy Schaich says:

    They were asked!

  7. Letricia Lewis says:

    My volunteers are Mentors for women who are pre/post release from incarceration. They always say upon the initial interview ‘I just want to give back! ‘

  8. Diana says:

    I believe our volunteers start with us because they want to help and align themselves with our mission. They stay because our staff makes them feel welcomed and that their works makes a difference and helps people who might otherwise receive services.

  9. Jody Bjerke says:

    To give back to their community.

  10. Kris O'Keefe says:

    to feel needed

  11. Glen Moore says:

    Social interaction with other volunteers

  12. I want to help others

  13. Rae Harding says:

    Getting more than I ‘give’
    Haven’t volunteered before
    To gain broader experience
    Got the time – and it doesn’t cost anything to be helpful
    Service to community
    Global, everyone can contribute
    Part of profile, building the contacts
    Being part of volunteerism, working as a team
    Heard that the site has a good volunteer program and volunteer management, wanted to be part of the scene

  14. To give back to the community and others. I think some people are born to volunteer, take it up at an early age and will continue throughout their lives.
    Others will take it up because they may have spare time in their lives and want to make a difference or it may start as a placement, project, and a small % may then continue volunteering. It will be rare now for people to volunteer for life or 40 years plus.

  15. Roz Wollmering says:

    Volunteering connects people – to themselves, to each other, to society and to the world in which we live. Through fordging trust and positive relationships, volunteering builds a stronger, healthier and more resilient community.

  16. Mary Bailey says:

    Most of my older volunteers say they want to give back to the community. The younger ones want work experience as well as community service.

  17. Kaye says:

    Hello Judy,

    I am currently backfilling Dale Tatterson whilst she is on leave for 2 weeks.
    During my handover with Dale and sitting in on a few interviews of potential Volunteers I would say the main reason people give for volunteering is their desire to give back to their Community in a useful way

  18. Heather says:

    There are a few reasons: For some it is a feeling of needing to give something back to the community
    For others it fills a void in their life whether social, educational or in employment. It can give people a senes of belonging and purpose when they are missing this is in other life activities.

  19. Paula Comb says:

    Because it is in giving that we receive.
    Helping those in need releases endorphins – it makes you feel good.

  20. Lynne Logue says:

    It’s a way to give back to the community and help make it a vibrant neighbourhood. Volunteering is the rent you pay to your community. I have volunteered for more than 40 years. I encourage everyone particularly young people. For them its a way to “sample” work before committing to years of university. If people don’t participate “stuff” doesn’t happen i.e. fall fairs, music festivals, etc. Thats when we all lose.

  21. Hi Judy,
    according to our recent volunteer survey, it was to make a difference and do something for others. Jane

  22. The majority of our volunteers see their work as something worthwhile – giving back to the community. But quite a lot of them see it as a means of ensuring that the services will still be here when they need them, as their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles have been recipients of our service over the years and they know what we do, what we can provide and most importantly they ‘know’ us, both as an organisation and as individuals. Because we are a small rural area, everybody tends to know everybody, which can work both ways – for and against us. Our reputation helps to bring new volunteers in and our work and what we do helps to retain them.

  23. Andrew Scott says:

    Hi Judy,

    I have never asked the North Sydney Council Bushcare Volunteers why they volunteer. Maybe I should?

    Council recently interviewed Vera Yee, a Bushcare and Streets Alive volunteer, about her volunteerism.

    She had this to say:
    Waverton resident Vera Yee said being a Bushcare and Streets Alive volunteer is very rewarding: “I can’t understand why people go to the gym when you can go to the bush,” she said.
    Vera insists the bush regeneration work keeps her fit but it also keeps her sane.
    “When I get frustrated with politics and the world becomes appalling and depressing, I just go to the birds and the trees and it’s very relaxing,” Vera said.
    Volunteering for both groups takes up a few hours of her time each week.
    Vera, who is a retired nurse, loves the North Sydney area because of its bushiness. She said Bushcare is about beautifying the environment for visitors who walk past or picnic in it.
    “We’re so lucky with all that bushland on the foreshore and I just wanted to do something to help keep it that way,” she said.
    “We want to create wildlife corridors by connecting all the fragmented bushland along the harbour foreshores.
    “It’s just a great thing to volunteer for because you’re doing something for the planet and you’re doing something for yourself.
    “Some people like doing it as a social thing where you can weed and chat, while others like to do it on their own where they can have some peace and quiet and enjoy what they’re doing.”
    Vera said the Streets Alive program is another great opportunity for people in the community to garden and take responsibility for an area of open public space.
    “There are many beautiful areas now being planted and cared for by residents including small nature strip plantings and regeneration of huge neglected weed infested areas,” she said.
    Vera has been volunteering for both Council programs for more than 10 years.
    Andrew Scott

  24. Michelle says:

    To give back to the community, to be involved in their community

  25. Michelle says:

    To give back to community
    To be part of the community

  26. Diane Bruin says:

    To give back to the Community that has assisted them.
    To help others that are less fortunate than themselves.

    Diane Bruin
    Service Co-ordinator
    Tauranga Budget Advisory service Inc.

  27. John says:

    Across a wide cross-section of volunteer groups and organisations over many years, I believe that the most common reason would be ” to participate with others to provide a essential/worthwhile service makes me feel good”

  28. My comment is as follows:

    The reason people give for volunteering is giving back to their community. We live I East Texas and there is so much to be grateful for. Some of our college students do an internship and gain knowledge for their life time career choice in law enforcement with a “hands on training” experience. It is a WIN-WIN situation for both us and a joy seeing the students reach their goal.

    Thank you Judy.

    Alicia Armstrong, Volunteer Coordinator
    Smith County/Sheriff’s Office

  29. Carl says:

    Main reasons: “I have some time on my hands and would like to do something”
    “I would like to give back to the community” “I want to meet people”

  30. Sabena Lund says:

    To give back to the community

  31. Amy Raveneau says:

    We asked this question of our volunteers last week during National Volunteer Week and some of the responses we received were
    – ‘its fun’
    – to help the community in which I live
    – to do something for others rather than myself for a change
    – to boost my self-esteem
    – to meet new people

  32. Rachel Yorston says:

    Our volunteers say it’s because they want to show compassion, learn new skills, get to know Australians, get a job, provide a welcoming environment for new arrivals and contribute to a diverse community.
    Our clients say it’s because our volunteers are Humanitarians.

  33. Mary Viney says:

    I started early in life dodging my Dad’s footsteps as he volunteered officially and just caring for people, family, neighbours, friends. It broadened my networks of people, although I found myself a giver. Later I had to earn to be a taker too. I always wanted to contribute to the community I lived in whether family, church, neighbourhood and various other bodies I met up with and through my children. When I was unable to work I found that volunteering helped keep an open window to the world. Even now on Age Pension I like to think I am contributing not just taking something because I’m over 70.

  34. Marie says:

    Hi Judy,

    Here is VOCAL’s experience over at least the last 3 to 5 years . It seems that Volunteers are offering their time initially in order to obtain work experience, for change of career or simply getting a point of reference for that first job. This may sometimes that the job is found even before starting as a volunteer in which case they ask for a copy of the police check done by VOCAL for their own use. However, since the ACT government introduced the need to obtain a Working With Vulnerable People Check which cost $67.00, a lot of people are ruthlessly taking up precious time given to interview them, and sometimes even to initially train them, but then not ever turning up for work despite seeming to be very sincere and interested at interview.

    Many just obtain the signed form to apply for the check at interview, which they need to submit themselves, as a photo is taken when they submit the form with 3 forms of ID. VOCAL either never hears from them again or else when a followup call is made they say they either are too busy with exams or work commitments, or are simply no longer interested. In the meantime they have obtained a free WWVP check.


  35. sally cantrill says:

    As coordinator of a very large group (200) of hospital-related volunteers in a regional area, I found that most volunteered because they now had time to give back to their community. However it was really pleasing to see a regular stream of applicants who had just moved into our area, and whilst they were volunteering for the same reason, they also saw it as a way to connect to and get to know their new home. It was wonderful to watch these new friendships form!

  36. Ingrid Hindell says:

    To leave my world a better place than it is right now.

  37. Judy Croucher says:

    As Neighbourhood Watch Area Coordinator, most people volunteer for or organisation because
    1) they want to give something back to the community
    2) they see the value of NHW
    3) They are genuinly interested in crime prevention and want to receive the benifits of being involved
    4) they want to improve their C.V. Status.
    and lastly
    5) they are bored and looking for something meaningful to do.
    We have members who have been volunteers for 29 years, some 25 years and others 20 years so we must be doing something right

  38. Judy Croucher says:

    As Neighbourhood Watch Area Coordinator, most people volunteer in our organisation because
    1) they want to give something back to the community
    2) they see the value of NHW
    3) They are genuinly interested in crime prevention and want to receive the benifits of being involved
    4) they want to improve their C.V. Status.
    and lastly
    5) they are bored and looking for something meaningful to do.
    We have members who have been volunteers for 29 years, some 25 years and others 20 years so we must be doing something right
    It also helps to have a good support system, which we do have, especially from top management

  39. Jeff Playfair says:

    I believe people volunteer for two main reasons, one is to serve and support community needs and the other is to enhance their self worth.

  40. marg oçonnor says:

    i have been a volounteer with St john Ambulance for 32 years earlier I volunteered for many other organizations as well ,i believe as well as giving to our community you get back what you give, it also fills a need in your self, something you did not quite achieve in your earlier life ,makes you feel more worthy and forefilled .

  41. Caroline says:

    Most want to be helpful and give back in some way. They enjoy being around others and need that positive event in their lives.
    Most just love their physican, have received great care and want to be with positive people.

    Some are retired, have a great education and do not want to fall into the “just sitting home” environment and still want to keep busy, just not as busy as they would be if they were employed full time.

    Some (but few) need to volunteer to creat experience or learn a new trade in order to receive employment.

  42. Helen says:

    To give back to the community.

  43. Anne Snowdon says:

    As the co-ordinator for Volunteer Home Visitors I am blessed to have a wonderful, giving core of volunteer visitors. On being asked why they volunteer it is often expressed that they enjoy giving “something back” to their community. Our Neighbourhood Centre has many activities that support our local community, all of which are run and supported by volunteers, most of whom have been with us for many years. Volunteers often say “What goes around, comes around” also compassion is mentioned especially if it is a volunteer matched with a frail and aged client. A large proportion of VHV volunteers will state they “Receive more than they give”.

  44. Sally says:

    Because they feel good when they give something back to their community

  45. Maureen Leahy says:

    Hi Judy,
    Our Volunteer Pathway has supported many local people who come to us for a vast array of reasons. There are those who want a role outside of the home, others who are seeking a new experience or a work placement, many who see volunteering as a pathway to understanding the Australian education system, or who have been sent as part of their training or Centrelink requirments. Most express they want to be of service to their community but all want a place where they can connect with and feel valued by their community.

  46. Tess says:

    I think mostly, people volunteer because they want to contribute to the community. Retirees, people who are looking for work and some concern youths, feel that volunteering is the only way to meet others of the same mind, others do volunteering for self gratification.

  47. helen pook says:

    1. Want to give something back to our community-that comes from both old & young volunteers
    2. Have both parents & grandparents overseas
    3. Not a big time commitment
    4. flexible hours/ days when other things come up on their visiting day
    5. Have young children that they want to meet older people
    6. Have a dog that is sociable & well behaved for visits
    7. Have second language
    8. Own parents have died and enjoy hearing older people’s life stories
    9 Friend told them how special volunteering is
    10. Spare time now ceased work & a full time parent

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