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'Mini Thank You' Cards


Last year we sold out of these great these low cost, high impact recognition cards. Don't miss out again! Get them while they are available.


Sometimes the simplest of ideas can have the most impact. These mini cards are specifically designed thank you cards, the same size as business cards. With a stack of these cards readily to hand, their uses are only limited by your imagination. So while your imagination is kicking in, here are more quick ideas on how to use these cards...

  • Keep a stack of cards handy and spontaneously write a few words of thanks on the back and hand it to a person with a verbal thank you
  • Write a few words of appreciation on a card and leave it where it will be found as an unexpected surprise by the person - in their desk, pigeon hole, etc
  • Include a mini card with extra words of thanks in with all your cards - Birthday, Christmas, Easter, New Year and other events
  • Give everyone their own stack of cards, so they can write quick appreciation notes to others at any time
  • Design an appreciation board on which people can place their cards for others to read
  • At the end of the week or month, gather all the cards from those who have received them from others and have a 'draw' with the chosen card receiver being taken to lunch or given a special gift
  • Read out all the messages on the cards as a motivating force at regular staff meetings
  • Have a 'volunteer of the month' award, given to the person who received the most cards from others during that month


But why stop with volunteers? What about paid staff? So let's take the ideas even further than this...

(card design is copyright)

The star design on the 'mini thank you' cards has been the most popular and is suitable for everyone. Also, it's the stars and their symbolism that adds a further dimension to this simple card and gives you lots more ideas...

  • Start a 'star' program, the more 'star' cards you receive the more rewards you get in the program
  • Take the word 'star' and use the word as a recurring theme for each card you write...

         'we look forward to you being a superstar again next year'

         'we appreciate you taking on a starring role in this project'

         'you are a guiding star in this organization'

         'thanks for being a 'star performer'

         'you are one of our brightest stars'

         You get the idea!


These great 'mini thank you' cards are business card size and have a blank non-gloss back so you can write any message you want. The front is gloss finished with just the words 'Thank You!' and two gold stars (the stars also have a slight foil glitter effect to them).


The 'mini thank you' cards are one of the simplest, most inexpensive and yet most powerful recognition and appreciation messages you can use!


Now we know you take this idea and then use all your time to design your own mini cards, proof the cards and then arrange the printing and pickup. That's great! But do keep your design clear and simple and don't just use your standard business cards and logo. But as always, we do have to ask you - how much is your time worth?  We've done the work for you. Why not get this great recognition idea now and get yourself a packet or more of these cards all ready to go!

Indeed, we believed so much in this great recognition technique that we arranged a bulk order of these cards so that we could provide them to you at a very low price. We offered these cards last year and again this year and they were snapped up and SOLD OUT QUICKLY!

So many people were disappointed and so we've specially arranged another bulk order and we will ship them to you immediately as we now have more packets available.


There are two easy ways to get these cards!

(sorry because of shipping costs we can only make this offer available in Australia)


(card design is copyright)


By Credit Card: You can pay online with any of the credit cards below. Just click on the shopping cart next to the number of cards you want and complete the form. We will ship the cards to you and then charge your credit card for the amount. We'll also send you a confirmation email that your package has been posted and an extra receipt for your credit card charge.





Packet 1 of 100 cards for $19.95 plus $5 postage (includes GST)              


Save nearly $4 on postage with...

Packet 2 of 200 cards for $39.90 plus $6 postage (includes GST)              



By Email: Order now and pay later! Just email Judy directly at with your order details for packs of 'mini thank you' cards – name, organization and address. We will then email you back to confirm your order within 24 hours. Then we will ship the cards to you with the invoice for payment. When you receive the cards, you can then pay the invoice by cheque, bank transfer or postal order. 


We give you our no-risk 100% guarantee

As always we offer you our no-risk 100% money back guarantee.

If you are not happy with your packet of 'mini thank you' cards and don't believe there are many ways you can use them, then we will cheerfully refund your money. We just do not want any unhappy customers.




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