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Live your life so your children can tell their children that you not only stood for something wonderful - you acted on it.

Dan Zadra

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5 More Big Headline Tips for You!


Last month we gave you 10 tips on how to make headlines on your volunteer recruitment brochures and flyers work for you. Remember the headline is the MOST important part of your volunteer recruitment material.

There are 8 main types of headlines - 4 of these - direct, indirect, command and 'reason why' headlines were covered in the previous volunteer management newsletter. Let's look at the other 4 types of headlines...


No 5 - The How To Headline

This is often the easiest and most effective form headline to create. It begins with how to and then follows with an important list of benefits. Examples of this type of headline would be: 'how to have the best life imaginable' or 'find out how to turn volunteering into a full-time job'.


No 6 - The Testimonial Headline

This headline is where a third party offers proof of something - using the actual words from a satisfied customer. An example of this headline would be: 'volunteering was the best thing that ever happened in my life'.


No 7 - The News Headline

This headline responds to people's natural interest and fascination with news. It is often must-have and valuable information and it is used in many press releases. An example of this headline would be: 'doctors astounded at the proven power of volunteering to prolong life'.


No 8 - The Question Headline

This headline often calls for a spontaneous reflex action from the reader and is focused on the person - on YOU! Examples of this headline would be: 'which one of the following five excuses do you use for not joining up?' or 'Is your future worth investing just $1 a day?'


It's Always The Headline

Remember, as we said in the last issue, if you have only a limited time to work on a brochure or flyer then spend most of that time on only one thing - the HEADLINE. Just look at any newspaper - it is the headlines that dominate the print. The overwhelming purpose of a headline is to catch people's attention. It is not to tell your whole story. It is not to convince people to volunteer and does not even need to have the word 'volunteering' in the headline at all. It is to get people's attention to read on to your next paragraph, and then your next paragraph and hopefully the whole volunteer recruitment brochure or flyer.

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