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Issue 12


Welcome to all our members. Thanks so much for joining us again for another issue!


An archer cannot hit the bullseye if he doesn't know where the target is.


Quoted in the book Count Me In! 501 Ideas on Recruiting Volunteers


Now on with the show! I do aim to keep this newsletter a short, sharp, 'quick read' - although sometimes I get carried away with ideas. So let's really focus on giving you 8 great volunteer recruitment tips that you can read in less than 5 minutes...

Bullseye Recruiting Volunteers!

8 Great Volunteer Recruitment

Targeting Tips


At my recent workshops series, recruiting volunteers was one of the major and most crucial challenges for so many participants and their representative organizations. Here are 8 targeted volunteer recruitment tips for you in volunteer management.


Tip No 1 - Scatter Gun Approach

It is time to stop the 'scatter gun' approach to volunteer recruitment. Most organizations use this approach. They scatter their volunteer recruiting messages everywhere and to everyone and hope to capture potential recruits. This is a very costly and often the least effective method of volunteer recruitment. Instead, focus your time, resources and energy and use 'bullseye recruiting' to target a particular group of people and 'hit the mark' every time.


Tip No 2 - Bullseye

Ok, let's get serious about bullseye volunteer recruiting and target marketing. Target marketing can get you the best volunteers for the job and save a great deal of time in the selection process. Do you tend to ask the person most likely to say yes to volunteer? Or do you consider the qualities or skills needed, and then determine the most suitable people to target and recruit?


Tip No 3 - Bullseye Again

Alternatively, target the people you really want and then design the job around them. Really in volunteer management and recruitment, if someone has lots of great attributes, you can always find or create a role to suit them. Time to stop the ‘scatter gun’ approach to recruiting volunteers and ‘zero in’ on your volunteer target.



Tip No 4 - Ask Me Again

Remember that the number one reason given by people for volunteering is ‘because someone asked me’. Ask, ask, ask! Giving people written information or telling them about your organization is not asking them, it is informing them. Be confident about this – there is no substitute for asking the direct question, ‘Would you like to volunteer for us?’



Tip No 5 - Just Not Now

Understand that if someone does say ‘no’ to volunteering it can often mean ‘not now’. Don’t take it personally. Check if you can contact them in the future: no pressure but perhaps their circumstances will change. If they agree, then stay in touch via newsletters, birthday cards and an occasional phone call. Be the first organization to come to mind when they are ready to say ‘yes’ to volunteering.

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