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Issue 13

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No customer ever goes to a store merely to please the shopkeeper.

Kazuo Inamori

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Buying the Volunteering Experience!

10  Volunteer Recruitment Ideas on

Selling to New Recruits


What's For Sale

In my recent tour for volunteer managers on The ‘High Five’ Workshop: Conquering the Biggest Challenges for Managers of Volunteers Today I explored selling the volunteering opportunity and looked more closely at the main reasons why people buy in volunteer recruitment. When aiming to successfully recruit volunteers and retain volunteers, continually ask yourself these two questions: What is the volunteering experience we are selling to volunteers? And, is it really worth buying?


Customer Service

Remember, your volunteers are customers – they are buying the volunteering experience when they are recruited. What they are exchanging for this experience with you and your organization is more precious and valuable for that person than any amount of money and is non-renewable – it is their TIME!  Make absolutely sure you use their time wisely.


Show Me the Benefits

So what do people buy? People buy the benefits not the features. Most people concentrate on selling the features of their own organization. But what is the difference between benefits and features in your volunteer recruitment? Well, you have just bought a new DVD player. One of the features is that this DVD can record a program at the same time as you are watching another program. The benefit for you is that you can get to see your two favourite programs even when they are on at the same time. So re-focus and aim to sell some more of the benefits for the customer - the potential volunteer, not just the features of your organization.


What's In It For Me?

Keep this in mind for volunteer recruitment and volunteer management. Always be able to answer the question for every potential volunteer – What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM). Consciously or subconsciously all recruits ask this question as part of deciding to volunteer. It’s not about being selfish, it’s about ‘cost benefit analysis’ – what are the benefits to me (feeling good about myself) and at what cost (giving up my free time)?


Promise Me

People buy promises so always make them carefully. Never, ever promise what you can't deliver. Sometimes organizations are so desperate for volunteers they will promise benefits they can't really offer in recruiting volunteers. This leads to dissatisfied and disillusioned ex-volunteers. Be open and honest about your requirements and establish realistic expectations on both sides. For volunteers, when expectations and experience don’t gel, disappointment is the result.

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