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Issue 14

Welcome to this edition of the newsletter with lots of ideas of volunteer recoginition ideas for you. Thanks so much for joining us!

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.


Thanking You!

14 Tips on Volunteer Recognition

Recognition of volunteers and members can come in many forms and in many ways. International Volunteer Day (IVD) and Christmas are ideal opportunities to remind your volunteers of how much they are appreciated. So don't let the opportunity pass you by as part of your volunteer recogntion. Here are some more quick ideas in three areas to add to your own volunteer management and volunteer recognition collection - the annual event, verbal recognition and written recognition.


The Annual Event


Make it Public

Take every opportunity to make your volunteer recognition public. Celebrate in front of as many people as possible. Recognition has a greater impact when other people know about it. Instead of one person saying well done, a group can often say it more effectively. If you are organizing an event for IVD there are more ideas for you at


Theme It

If you regularly hold the same annual event - year in and year out - it might be time to 'spice it up' a bit. Here is another volunteer recognition idea that I've mentioned before. ADD A THEME! Every year have a different theme for the event. Using different recognition themes each year can be a terrific way to ensure variety and encourage fun and excitement. A theme allows people to unify and rally and can convey specific ideas.

We Are the World

The themes you can use are only limited by your imagination. Here's an example. Each year for your annual event you can have a different country as a theme to symbolize the connection between volunteers around the world. Music, food and dance from that country can be part of the event. You can decorate the venue with items representing that country. The opening welcome can be in the language of that country. If it's at Christmas time you can explain how people in that country may celebrate the festive season. The possibilities are endless once the volunteer recognition ideas are flowing.


Global Village

But let's take it one step further in volunteer management for the next year. Have all your volunteers, paid staff and management list the country of their birth and those of their parents and grandparents. Choose a country and then consult with those who have origins in that country in planning the event for the following year.

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