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Issue 3


Welcome to this issue of the newsletter and all those people who have joined up and are swelling our membership numbers!


The surest way to increase your chances of getting your goals is to write them down in detail.

Jack Collis 


Goal Setting! 6 Tips to Focus and Increase Your Volunteer Recognition and

Recruitment Success


No Focus

Over 90% of people never engage in any goal setting activities during their life-time. Setting goals is an essential part of any volunteer recruitment and volunteer recognition plan - yet few people do it. Let's look at some ideas to really focus your volunteer recruitment and volunteer recognition for the coming year.


Pen It

Too many people talk about their goals and never write them down. Goals not written down are just wishful thoughts. Committing them to writing is the fastest way to move goals from your head, to hand, to paper and to focus your energy and drive.


Less Is More

Keep it to a few 'quality' goals that you are committed to rather than lots of 'quantity' goals. Otherwise, you only end up discouraged with a long 'to do' list which is nearly impossible to achieve. Right now, stop reading and write down just 3 goals - 1 volunteer recruitment goal, 1 volunteer retention goal and 1 volunteer recognition goal.

Get Specific

At my volunteer management workshops we ask people to get specific on just 1 volunteer recruitment, retention and recognition goal for the next 12 months. Often the goals begin as very general - 'I want to recruit more volunteers' 'I want to retain more volunteers'. By asking a series of questions we take these from general statements to specifically targeted goals. Look at your 3 goals and ask some specific questions. For example, if 1 goal is to recruit more volunteers, ask:

How many new volunteers do you want to recruit? 10, 20 or 50 volunteers?

What type of volunteers are you looking for? Male, female, age range?

What skills are you looking for? Administrative skills, people based skills?

How many hours of volunteer time are needed from these new volunteers? 5, 10 or 20 hours?

The more questions answered, the more you can refine your goals and focus your recruitment efforts. So your goal may be to recruit 20 more male volunteers aged 45 to 65 years with people based skills to befriend and visit older men in nursing homes for up to 2 hours per week.


Action Stations and Deadline It

Brainstorm an action list of everything you can think of that will need to happen to achieve each goal. Look at your list and organize it into an action plan - what you need to do first, second and so on. Now attach a deadline next to each action as it will force your subconscious to begin the process NOW of moving towards your goals. Here is 1 tip to recruit those 20 males - save your energy and go where you will have the most success. Target males who already have a caring mindset, they are more likely to be responsive to this type of volunteering role for men - they are already 'sold on the idea'. Mature age males undertaking university studies in psychology, social work and other caring professions would be a focussed target group to begin with.


You Are Not Alone Out There

Finally, remember that your goals do not exist in a vacuum so aim to engage others in achieving these goals. The best people to assist you in volunteer recruitment, retention and volunteer recognition are your current volunteers. Have you developed a recruiting team or recognizing team of volunteers whose only role is to assist in achieving those volunteer recruitment, retention and volunteer recognition goals. Why not start by letting all your volunteers know how to subscribe to this newsletter then after each issue ask them for their feedback on these ideas - What ideas would work well in our organization? What other ideas do you have? Take every opportunity to involve your volunteers.


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