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Issue 6


Welcome to this issue of the newsletter and all those people who have just joined up.


The best portion of a good man's life - his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.

William Wordsworth


From our latest E-book Beyond Just Words! 502 Inspirational Quotes for Those Who Serve


From Me to You! 5 Top Tips for Terrific Volunteer Recognition Letters


Not Good Form

Understand that a thankyou letter (or card) needs to be carefully constructed to have the greatest impact. Shun any form of letters or cards addressed to 'dear volunteer' with your printed signature at the bottom. This is worse than sending no written thankyou at all.


Well Done Whoever

Be specific. Vague 'well done' messages detract rather than add to the impact of the written word. Be clear and acknowledge specific aspects of the work your volunteer has done you truly appreciate.


Words, Words and More Words

Struggling for the words to write for your volunteer recognition? Here are some key words describing positive actions that might fit for your volunteers: innovative, energetic, resourceful, supportive, focused, helpful, patient, efficient, reliable, committed, diplomatic, effective, enthusiastic, caring, dedicated, insightful, approachable and dependable. Keep your thesaurus handy for variations on these themes!

Going Through A Phrase

Need more inspiration? Here are some key phrases to convey your appreciation for their actions: ‘problem solver’, ‘good listener’, ‘rising to the occasion’, ‘thinking on your feet’, ‘motivating others’, ‘team player’, ‘out-of-the-box thinker’ and ‘going the extra mile’.

Personally To You

Personalize it as part of your volunteer recognition. For that reliable and dependable volunteer: ‘Your reliability has always been something that I can really depend on’; or ‘I really appreciate that I can count on you to follow through and focus on completing the task’. For that volunteer who provides great service to your customers or clients: ‘I appreciate the way you treat our clients’; or ‘You deliver wonderful service to our customers’; or ‘You always know how to exceed our customer’s expectations’. For that volunteer who is an excellent team member: ‘I appreciate the way you share your knowledge and expertise with other team members’; or ‘Thank you for the way you contribute to a positive team spirit’.


Adapted from the book Count On Me! 501 Ideas on Retaining, Recognizing & Rewarding Volunteers by Dr Judy Esmond


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