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Issue 8


Welcome to this issue of the newsletter and all our new members.


If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is "thank you," that would suffice.

Meister Eckhart

'Theme It' Idea - Volunteer Recognition Feedback From The Field


In this issue of the newsletter let's give you further feedback from the field on one recent quick tip volunteer recognition idea I suggested to some subscribers. Here is the tip for those who did not see it...

Here's what we wrote...

For anyone in volunteer management, who is planning a 'speeches and sit down' event for your volunteers during National Volunteer Week - really liven up the event by adding a THEME.

It can be a very inexpensive way to add some spice to this event. What about a 'flower' theme? Flowers on the tables and each volunteer receives a flower or a small potted plant with a message 'thanks for helping to grow our organization'...

Got you thinking? Every year you can have a different theme. Your volunteers will look forward to both the event and to what theme it will be each year.

Here's some feedback from the field from Elizabeth in volunteer management

Hi Judy

Thought you might like to see a photo of our thank you lunch for volunteers this week. On your suggestion we gave them all a potted plant to thank them for helping us grow our organisation. Lunch went off very well and the day was very bright and cheery.                                         

Elizabeth Sugars

The Smith Family



Volunteers in the Centralised Administration Project (CAP). These volunteers provide the administrative and clerical work supporting The Smiths' Family Learning for Life. This program has assisted 10,000s of children from families living in financial disadvantage receive support through scholarships to complete their secondary education


Plant This!

5 More Volunteer Recognition Ideas


Never Ever

Never ever under-estimate the power of adding a simple theme or 'twist' to your volunteer recognition ideas. It adds to the significance of the volunteer recognition gift or event. I have spoken with volunteers at annual recognition events who can recite the different themes used over the last five years. They enjoyed each and every event but it was the different yearly theme they remembered the most.


More Power to You

A volunteer recognition gift does not need to be expensive to be very effective. These potted plants were definitely a nice touch. But the gift had much greater significance because a 'message' was attached to the gift such as 'thanks for helping to grow our program'.


Plant It!

The volunteer recognition gift becomes even more powerful if it is something the volunteer can keep and even display. For example, depending on the plant, it can be planted out or kept in the pot at home. Every time your volunteers look at the plant they are reminded of being appreciated and thanked. But beware! Some plants when planted in the garden can take over and become invasive weeds. The thoughts of your volunteers about this volunteer recognition gift and about you may change dramatically if they are continually struggling to remove the weeds from their garden!


An Annual or Perennial?

You can present volunteers with a perennial or an annual plant. A perennial is often a great gift for a departing volunteer as it remains a constant reminder. The plants the CAP volunteers received were annuals. A different annual plant can be presented each year with a different message. Here are some annuals - Aster, Marigold, Petunia, Sweet Pea, Vinca, Viola and Zinnia. For example, the message could be...

'You're Blooming Wonderful! This Aster is to show you how Amazing you are or

'You're Blooming Wonderful! This Marigold is to show you how Magnificent you are

Ok you get the idea!


Picture This!

Plants are just one gift. There's a whole range of other volunteer recognition gifts you can consider for your volunteers as a volunteer manager. Here's one more! A signed framed photo of the volunteering 'team' is a great idea. But go further still, have each person add a positive comment with their signature for that particular volunteer who will receive the photo. The photo will have 'pride of place' in their home and every visitor who enquires about the photo will hear all about volunteering and may consider joining up to volunteer themselves. Your volunteer recognition gift now also becomes a volunteer recruitment tool!


Adapted from the book Count On Me! 501 Ideas on Retaining, Recognizing & Rewarding Volunteers by Dr Judy Esmond


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