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It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper

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10 Big Headline Tips for You!


Hands up anyone who is using written material such as brochures and flyers to publicize your volunteering opportunities to attract and recruit volunteers and members? 

In a previous volunteer management newsletter issue, we gave you some ideas on how to make your flyers really fly and be even more effective. Let's now return to the most important part of any written publicity and add 10 more ideas for you in volunteer management and volunteer recruitment plan.


It's The Headline

If you have only a limited time to work on a brochure or flyer then spend most of that time on only one thing - the HEADLINE. Just look at any newspaper - it is the headlines that dominate the print. The overwhelming purpose of a headline is to catch people's attention. It is not to tell your whole story. It is not to convince people to volunteer. It is to get people's attention to read on to your next paragraph, and then your next paragraph and hopefully the whole brochure or flyer.


Volunteers Wanted

The most used and least eye catching of headlines found on volunteer recruitment material is 'Volunteers Wanted'. Does this really 'fire you up' to read on? It is really time to get more creative with headlines. There are eight main types of headlines used to capture attention. We will design all eight types of headlines at the High Five Workshop. But let's give you four to think about for now.


No 1 - The Direct Headline

This headline aims to be short, sharp and to the point and as the name implies is very direct. For example, 'the shocking truth about how volunteering affects your health'.


No 2 - The Indirect Headline

This headline aims to arouse your curiosity and interest to read on by using an indirect teasing and tempting headline.  For example, 'the best things in life are waiting for you.


No 3 - The Command Headline

This headline is a direct command, an order to get you out of your 'comfort zone' and to take direct and specific action. For example, 'join up now and find out why hundreds of people already have'.

No 4 - The Reason Why Headline

This headline promises to provide really important and vital information that you just have to know about.  This headline often starts with very specific numbers that will further arouse your curiosity. For example, 'the 6 reasons why volunteering will improve your sex life'. (Now did that get your attention!)


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