What a great recognition gift...


"Quote Magnets"


Here's another great appreciation and recognition gift that is low cost, yet so powerful it will STICK with those who receive it.

If you have bought magnets before then you can now get 50 unique quotes


We know the impact the written word can have, and quotes are one of the most powerful forms of written expression. Quotes from the famous and not so famous can often express some very powerful thoughts and emotions for all of us.

That's why we put together our best-selling downloadable book "Beyond Just Words: 502 Inspirational Quotes for Those Who Serve." It is full of hundreds of inspirational quotes that you can use as part of your recognition ideas.

But we wanted to take the power of words and of quotes even further for you. We've taken 50 of the most popular quotes from the book and designed simple, yet powerful "quote magnets" to use as part of your recognition program.


Now we know you can take this idea and use your own time to design the magnets and then arrange the printing and pickup. That's great - go for it! But do you really have the time to spare? Also because of the costs, you may only be able to print the same quote for everyone. Sorry, but when everyone receives the same quote, the recognition gift loses the uniqueness for people.


Personalizing Your Recognition Gift


Well get ready! We've done something special! We spent thousands of dollars and arranged a very large bulk order of different quote magnets. This means we can offer you a total of 50 unique inspirational quotes on these magnets in a range of different colours. Yes, that's right - there are 50 different quotes for your volunteers, staff, clients, etc. The magnets are simply designed and below is an example of four of the small business card size quote magnets...



Now, here's just a few ways you can use these motivational quote magnets...

Make the quote magnets a special recognition gift for National Volunteer Week, International Volunteer Day, Christmas or Birthdays.
Place a quote magnet in with your thank you cards, christmas cards and more. Customize it further and add a few words in your card about how the quote reminds you of that person.
Combine your quote magnets with our 'mini thank you' cards and then write short thank you notes that go with each magnet.
Place a different quote on the staffroom fridge each week for people to read.
Give volunteers their own packet of quote magnets so they can give them to others as recognition gifts.
Use quote magnets during volunteer thank you events, orientation sessions and training sessions. Give people a quote magnet and have them read out the quote and what it means personally to them. They then get to keep the quote and also share their own inspirational thoughts with others.












And that's just the beginning! The ways you can use these quote magnets is only limited by your own imagination.


Here's two easy ways to get your own supply of Quote Magnets

(sorry because of international shipping costs this offer is only available in Australia)

Each pack is $19.95 plus postage and handling (including GST)


By Credit Card: You can pay online with any of the credit cards below. Just click on the shopping cart below and complete the form. We'll ship the pack(s) to you and send you an extra receipt for your credit card charge with the pack.



    1 Pack of 25 Quote Magnets $19.95 plus $5 postage & handling


Save $4 postage

    2 Packs of 25 (50) Quote Magnets $39.90 plus $6 postage & handling*


Save $11 postage

  4 Packs of 25 (100) Quote Magnets $79.80 plus $8 postage & handling*


* Please note:  Ordering 2 packs = 50 unique quotes = 50 magnets.  All orders include GST

* Please note:  Ordering 4 packs = 50 unique quotes x 2 = 100 magnets.



By Email: Order now and pay later! Just email us directly at support@morevolunteers.com with your order details for - how many packs of quote magnets, name, organization and address. We will then email you back to confirm your order. We'll then ship the pack(s) to you with the invoice for payment. When you receive the pack(s), you can then pay the invoice by cheque, bank transfer or postal order. 


Also, if you would like to place a bulk order (125 magnets or more) - please email us directly first support@morevolunteers.com and we will get you the best price we can on postage to save you even more money!! We'll then email you back to let you know the reduced postage price before completing the order.


Here's your no-risk 100% guarantee

As always we offer you our no-risk 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your pack of quote magnets and don't believe there are many ways you can use them, then we will cheerfully refund your money. We just do not want any unhappy customers.




Dr Judy Esmond

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